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3x3 with Luke: Summer, Sun & Sun Chair Workouts

Whether you choose to spend your summer holiday at the beach, on your balcony or by the swimming pool, Luke shows you three exercises for a flat tummy and a firm bottom. All you need is a sun chair and a towel, and you will be able to enjoy your healthy ice cream without the guilt...

1. Exercise: Sun Chair Crunch Thrusters

Hold onto the handles of the chair for balance, with your upper body at a 45 degree angle and your back and knees bent but in the air.  Thrust your legs in a forward motion to straighten them and then bring your knees to your chest.  This exercise is designed to really target your abdominals and core.

2. Exercise: Prone Cobra

Lay on the ground on your stomach and hold your arms out in front of you in a superman/woman flying position. Now raise your arms and legs off the ground to form a banana shape to activate your glutes. While you’re in this position bring your elbows back, squeeze your shoulder blades and slightly hold. Return to the starting position and repeat for a timed period or your choice of rep range. This exercise is great to strengthen the lower back, glutes and right through to the upper back. It’s an excellent compound exercise.

3. Exercise: Incline Sun Chair Spiderman Oblique Crunch

Hold onto the handle of the chair, you can also do this on the ground. Ensure that your hands are directly under your shoulders whilst bracing your core in an incline plank position. Then begin by bringing your knee towards your elbow.. Alternate your legs by keeping a braced core and straight, strong posture. This exercise is great for your central abdominal and obliques. 

IMPORTANT: Repeat these 3 exercises 3 times!