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Pizza IS healthy

(if you do this amazing upgrade!)

Normally people think they have to give up pizza in order to have a healthy lifestyle... I say HELL NO!!

Better digestion, better looking, slimmer figure AND a happy mouth.

Three Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Pizza

  1. Super Food Your Toppings
  2. Pimp Your Sauce
  3. Knead Your Own Dough

1. Super Food Your Toppings

Instead of greasy processed meats and cheeses opt for nutrient dense veggies and super food leafy greens.

  • Rocket and parmesan
  • Egg and spinach… maybe with feta
  • Mushrooms and rocket
  • Broccoli, peppers, and onions

2. Pimp Your Sauce

Why only have tomato… when you can do a butternut squash sauce? Don’t knock it till you try it! With the squash comes with more fiber, which keeps you fuller, and the cheese that matches is goat cheese, which isn’t meant to cover the entire pizza. See the recipe here.

You can also make a slamming home made sauce with simple tomato sauce blended with several sun-dried tomatoes. YUMMO. 

3. Knead Your Own Dough

Stop buying that gummy dough in the fridge section and knead your own dough from “scratch.” The already prepared cold dough has some yucky fats/oils, which aren’t there for taste.

You have two options…

  • Knead your own dough with a pizza bread mix
    (takes 8 minutes effort + 1 hour rise time!!)
  • Or get funky and do a gluten free veggie option like cauliflower as a base (BBC Good Food Recipe.)