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Discipline is nonsense

One day after dropping my 6-month old off at daycare, I was really feeling a bit nuts. I was craving hard bread, gooey sweets and lots of coffee. I must confess. I went to Starbucks to “use the WIFI” and to work AND I ordered a latte that was about the size of my head and walnut brownie. *GULP*

Guess what?

I fell asleep in the chair at Starbucks for over 45 minutes.

In all honesty, I was exhausted AND I felt guilty about sleeping on the job while my baby is in daycare. I guess it’s a rational rationalization :-) but what does this craving mean?

This is not about the willpower or discipline to avoid sweets or caffeinated


This is about giving your body what it needs to THRIVE.

Break down the craving by asking yourself:

Am I...


(Remember )

When you give your body what it REALLY needs you’ll see that the cravings will subside and you’ll become more balanced, healthy and energized.

You may find that willpower is just a word that makes us feel bad.

In this case... I needed to sleep and get over the guilty feeling of having to be productive ALL THE TIME.

So… Are you tuned into your body’s messages?

What do you REALLY CRAVE! I want to know!