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Sara Lovelady


Sara Lovelady, a.k.a. Wordgirl, has spent her entire career in the natural products industry. After graduating from college in 1993, she got a job at a little health food store in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. It was there that she learned about the power of whole foods and botanicals to nourish, protect, and even restore our health. 

After a couple years in the aisles, Sara put her college degree to work and got a job as an in-house copywriter for Threshold Enterprises (makers of the Source Naturals and Planetary Formulas lines of nutritional supplements). She later moved to Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, another supplement company, where she held the positions of copywriter, brand manager, and marketing director over a seven-year period. 

Working as long as I have with natural products, I know how to tell fact from fiction within a few minutes. Juice Plus+ is the real thing, and all you need to do is look at the research to believe it.       

In 2002, Sara started her own freelance writing business. She has now written for over 100 brands of natural supplement, food, body care, and clothing lines and has published articles in numerous consumer and trade natural health magazines and websites, including Delicious Living, Healthy Living, Aisle 7 (previously HealthNotes), Nutrition Business Journal, Natural Foods Merchandiser, Whole Foods, Holistic Primary Care, Nutraceuticals World, Natural Products Insider and Food Product Design. 

Today, Sara is simply thrilled to be working with Juice Plus+. 


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