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Juice Plus+® for Kids

More than ever, our children’s health is at risk because of what kids eat - too much processed food, too much junk food, too much fast food. When Mom and Dad say “eat your fruits and vegetables,” it’s an unappetizing prospect to a generation fueled by sodas, fries, and candy bars.

The Children's Health Study proves what we knew to be true all along: Juice Plus+ makes a real difference in family health and wellness. It’s the result of whole food based nutrition.

Those new to Juice Plus+ will be impressed by a survey of 150,000 parents which shows that children who take Juice Plus+ are

  • Eating less fast food and more fruits and vegetables
  • Drinking fewer soft drinks and more water
  • Visiting the doctor less and attending school more

If you need a healthier lifestyle for your children, try Juice Plus+

What is the Juice Plus+® Children’s Health Study?

Established in 1999, the Children's Health Study is a large-scale, multiyear survey designed to formally document the positive effects Juice Plus+ has on the health and wellness of families who take it. We’ve gathered more than 150,000 responses.

The study of child health is based on three important concepts

1 Good nutrition is the foundation of health and inspires other healthy lifestyle choices.

2 The best time to establish good health and nutritional habits is during childhood.

3 Parental involvement is the key to getting children to adopt good health habits.

Findings from the Juice Plus+® Children’s Health Study

After only one year on Juice Plus+, parents reported that their children and teenagers …



Adults reported that they …


Read more about the Children’s Health Study.