Earn extra money by joining Juice Plus+.

You can become a Juice Plus+ Partner for only $1,501.00 MXN. You can easily earn that back – plus a whole lot more.

You can join to save money on your own Juice Plus+ purchases: no selling required. Simply buy your products and get money back on every purchase, deposited directly into your bank account.

You can join to earn extra part time income. Sharing Juice Plus+ with just a few family and friends can start to make those deposits grow.

You can also join to build a Juice Plus+ team and earn even more. Like any business, you get out of it what you put into it. The more time you invest, and the more you learn, the more money you can make.

We pay consumers of our products like yourself to share Juice Plus+ products with other consumers – nothing more, nothing less. 100% of Juice Plus+ earnings come from the purchase of Juice Plus+ products by yourself, and by others.

You never earn money for simply “recruiting” other people to join. You can earn additional money, however, by adding Juice Plus+ team members and helping them earn.

How much money do people earn?

We show you in the Juice Plus+ Earnings Summary below. These numbers are the annualized average monthly earnings of everyone who earned money from the Juice Plus+ Company in the United States in the previous year. Of course, these earnings aren’t guarantees or projections of what you will earn: that all depends on what you do.

You can easily calculate the amount of money you will save on your own Juice Plus+ purchases, depending on which of our products you buy. Beyond that, however, as with any business, your earnings will vary depending on your abilities, your objectives, and the amount of time you devote to sharing Juice Plus+ with others and building a Juice Plus+ team.

Importantly, our Compensation Plan allows you to earn more as you do more. As your Juice Plus+ activity increases, you are promoted to higher and higher positions as you share Juice Plus+ with more and more people and start to add team members who do the same.



Active Team Builders

The last column below shows the earnings of everyone who created a “qualified business” – meaning that they achieved a level of monthly business activity that qualified them to earn the Performance Bonuses and Promote Out bonuses described above.

Category Position Percentage of All Partners who Received a Check Average Earnings of All Partners who Received a Check Average Earnings of Active Team Builders
Community Member Partner 40.6% $144 N/A
Partner+ 24.6% $260 N/A
Team Builder Qualifiying Sales Coordinator (QSC) 21.4% $1,250 $4,241
Sales Coordinator (SC) 11% $4,199 $12,925
Organization Builder Senior Sales Coordinator (SSC) 1.3% $13,436 $22,741
Qualifying National Marketing Director (QNMD) 0.4% $25,341 $36,249
National Marketing Director (NMD) 0.6% $96,071 $106,359

For additional information, please see the person who asked you to become a Juice Plus+ Partner.