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Is your to do list overwhelming?

I know. I’m right there with you. I have so many interests, curiosities and things I "should" get done, that my to do list spreads across 2 notebooks and 3 digital devices. I was getting depressed recently, because I felt like I wasn't getting enough done.

Instead of focusing on what you haven't done... or didn't get to... 

Make a list of what you actually have done.

I'm doing this every day at night before bed so that I have a sense of completion, success and end on a positive note. It's a feeling of closure so that I can rest well and know that tomorrow I will have the chance to do more and have yet more successes. One chunk at a time.

Goodbye to overwhelm and procrastination.

What have you done so far this year?
Ta daaaaaaa!!!

Bravo... job well done!