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Why eat whole foods, anyway? A True Story

Each fruit and vegetable has properties that supports our body different systems and keeps things flowing and in balance. But… here’s story to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

John had super high cholesterol and gout.

He was in pain. His doctor encouraged him to go vegan. That means zero animal products. No milks, cheeses, meats, eggs, etc.

Now let me explain. John is a man’s man.

He plays rugby. There’s no way he’s going out with the guys and not eat a steak with fries and drink lots of beers. He would get laughed at. John also had 4 a day latte macchiato habit and a wine gum addiction.

Working together, we decided to “add in” more whole foods to boost healing in his body. We didn’t want to worry about taking away forbidden foods, because that felt bad and he was too busy working and traveling to take away these stress crutches.

We added in these whole foods:

  • Oatmeal with apples every morning
  • Five fruits a day
  • More water
  • Arugula to his daily ham sandwich
  • A side salad of leafy greens with every dinner
  • Exercise on the bike three times a week, 30 minutes

After three months with these additions, John reduced his cholesterol in half, his gout went away and he didn’t have to go on statins. He also lost 3 kilos and started to get more energy.

By listening to his body, he reduced the coffee to one a day on his own without feeling deprived, because the water and fruit felt satisfying. Plus the wine gum habit slowed down (a bit ;-)

What is it about the whole foods?

  1. The gelatinous fiber in the apples, the fruit, and oats escort cholesterol out of the body.
  2. The water and cleansing action of the greens helps to wash away the concentrated gout particles.
  3. The body knows what to do if you support it with good wholesome foods.

The trick is to… focus on what you CAN eat and what will do the best job for your body. ADD IN and let the other bad stuff fall away to the sidelines. It’s much easier than restricting and it feels better emotionally.

What successes have you seen by adding in a whole food or two per day?