Starting Your Seeds

3 Benefits of Starting from Seed

Why would you grow your own seedlings? Either way you grow you end up with the same fresh, great-tasting product, but there are a few advantages to starting from seed:

You save money

A single seedling will typically cost about the same amount as a full packet of seeds. So for a couple of dollars, you could get one plant or — if you choose seeds — potentially dozens.

You have more options

Seedling providers offer an array of plants (some providers sell more than 100 different varieties), but there are many varieties available in seed form that you may find interesting, as well.

You control seedling quality

Starting from seed gives you the greatest amount of control. And when you buy seeds online, you gain wisdom from other gardeners by reading their product reviews. If you start with seedlings, a good rule of thumb is to make sure your seedlings come from a certified seedling provider to avoid pest and residue challenges.

If you’re gardening with kids, starting from seed serves as a fun, educational experience. What better way to learn about a plant’s life cycle than to watch it from the very beginning?

Remember, the Tower Garden Seedling Starter Kit comes with a full supply of seeds for your first harvest. 

Download a PDF of these tips and more here.