Complete by Juice Plus+

Vanilla Shake

Not your average smoothie!

We all know that we could eat more healthily, but there isn’t always time. Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes provide tasty, easy nutrition on-the-go to fuel your day.


  • Plant-based
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Source of fibre
  • Less than 55

More Than Just A Protein Shake

Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes are designed to be a meal replacement for weight control.

Our Complete shakes ensure you get a complete meal’s worth of balanced nutrition, whilst keeping you feeling satisfied and energised.

Our shake powders include real food ingredients, plant-based protein and other added nutrients, which makes them a great choice when you are feeling hungry and don’t have time to cook.

We source our real food ingredients from:

Water-washed soy protein, chickpea powder, rice protein, amaranth, millet, quinoa, radish sprouts, broccoli sprouts, pomegranate, pumpkin, apple and alfalfa sprouts.

Product Overview
  • Vegan shake powder
  • Plant-based protein
  • Gluten-free
  • Made without GMO ingredients


You can replace a maximum of 2 meals a day with a Complete by Juice Plus+ shake.

Suitable for any situation, wherever you are:

Enjoy a delicious and creamy shake as a breakfast, lunch, or a quick dinner. 

How to prepare a basic shake:

Add one scoop of powder or one single serve sachet to 250ml skimmed milk and mix thoroughly. For a colder and creamier drink, without added calories, add 2 or 3 ice cubes before blending.

How else can I use the shake powder?

Beyond a smoothie you can add to overnight oats, mix in plain yogurt, chia seed pudding, pre/post workout shake, or add to baked goods. See our recipe inspirations for more ideas.

*When you prepare a Complete shake or soup differently than what is listed on pack (e.g. using a different milk or adding fruits/vegetables), it is good to know that the nutrition profile will change. Therefore, the resulting recipe may not provide the benefits of a meal replacement.

Product Label with Nutrition Panel


Balanced nutrition

Source of fibre

Low glycaemic (<55): Less than 55

Delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Shake Recipes

Use as a base for your favourite creation.

We love our creamy and delicious shakes. They come in Chocolate and Vanilla which are awesome on their own or act as a great base to explore other flavour creations. These shakes are thick and creamy and don’t fall flat.