Healthy BBQ Dishes for the Summer

Juice Plus+ Aug 20, 2019

The summer is upon on is and therefore it’s the absolutely perfect time to get outside and turn on that BBQ that’s been gathering dust over the winter! The best thing about BBQ food is it’s incredibly versatile and quick – meaning you can get a healthy meal on the table for all the family in a matter of minutes!

Why BBQ? 

BBQ’s don’t have to be just for big occasions – they really are brilliant for a weekday family meal too. Why? Because not only are BBQ recipes generally quick, they are also cooked in a really simple way and give food a really delicious smoky flavour. We’ve collated a list of BBQ food ideas, which has something for everything – scroll down for BBQ recipes for the family, something for the kids, fish and meat dishes, as well as the most scrumptious selection of vegan BBQ food. Of course, a BBQ isn’t the real deal without the salads and sides to accompany the main dish, so scroll down for some pretty yummy dishes you can prepare in advance and even enjoy for days after as a quick snack or lunch. We’ve also covered the sweet recipes, so you can really go to town to putting together your ideal summer feast.

Top tip: Some of these recipes could be adapted and cooked in the oven too, so don’t feel restricted if it starts to rain – or you simply don’t have a barbeque. Cooking times for barbeque food differ greatly depending on your barbeque type and temperature, so always make sure your food is cooked through before eating.