Christina Elcock

Content Writer
Christina Elcock graduated from university with a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing – and left with a desire to learn more about the world. She was born and raised in London, and, after freelancing as a writer for an international headhunting consultancy, spent the majority of her gap year travelling to places like Colombia to voluntarily assist in teaching English, and to a Quaker-based summer camp in Vermont to nurture, teach and empower young girls through woodworks and creative writing. Although in these experiences she was the educator, Christina was also doing a lot of learning.

At camp, Christina lived sustainably and as close to nature as possible, only consuming organic produce grown fresh on the farms that she would sometimes tend to! She learned more about the relationship between food and the body, as well as how simple actions affect the environment.

When she returned to London, she returned to writing. She worked from 2015 onwards in communications and marketing. In 2016, she moved to Philadelphia to begin a new chapter at QVS with Bread & Roses Community Fund, a leading funder of racial, social, and economic justice in the Philadelphia region, and later joined American Friends Service Committee where she wrote and curated blog content.

In 2018, Christina returned to London and worked as a Copywriter in the events and travel sector. In 2020, during an equally reflective and turbulent period that shook up the world, Christina decided it was time to fulfil a lifelong passion of hers - to write and publish her very own poetry book. Christina now works as a Content Writer for Juice Plus+, a leading health and wellness company that focuses on wholefood, plant-based nutrition and sustainability.

You can follow Christina and her writing through her social media accounts.