Tasty & Healthy Winter Soups Kids (Actually) Love to Eat

Emma Bathie Jan 28, 2020

Soup and kids. Seriously? I used to question it too.

Lots of hot liquid. Full of ingredients they’re likely to turn their noses up at. And time. Don’t you need time for a soup to taste good? And are they even filling?

Turns out soup is one of the best wintery food around for kids, and us. Here are 6 reasons why:

1) You can pack soup with heaps of fresh veggies, and they’ll never know ;-)

Soups are the perfect sneaky way to get kids eating their greens.

Use a hand-blender or fling the “detested” vegetables into a separate blender with some of the liquid soup base, then pop them back into the soup.

Genius. Your kids will never know.

Unless, of course, you allow them to watch and be privy to your tricky ways. Don’t.

2) Soup helps keep them hydrated

Winter is a time of year most of us don’t feel thirsty. But with soup’s main ingredient being water, it’s the perfect meal for keeping the family hydrated this season.

3) Soups are delicious and nutritious

Veggies, meat, beans, and pulses are the base of this one-pot wonder meal, to which you can then add an endless array of herb and spices. It’s the quickest way I know to ensure the kids are getting plenty of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein. Go soup!

4) Soups are usually inexpensive

Depending on the ingredients you use, homemade soups can be an inexpensive yet wonderfully satisfying and tasty meal for the whole family.

5) Soups are the perfect comfort food

When our little ones are not feeling well, and they’re not up to eating a lot, a bowl of homemade soup is easy on tired patients and sore throats.

6) Soups are time savers

Soups are easy to make, one-pot wonders. Especially when made in a slow cooker. Most soups freeze beautifully (if you’re wanting to freeze soup with a dairy ingredient, such as cream, don’t add it until you’re ready to reheat the soup and eat). And leftovers make the perfect lunch a few days later.

Here are some kid-friendly wintery soups ideas to get you started:

* See: for more wonderful kid-friendly healthy food.