How to look after yourself over the Christmas period

Juice Plus+ Dec 03, 2018

The Christmas season can be totally marvellous, but also completely overwhelming. The amount of alcohol consumed rises, the amount of consumed food rises and suddenly your social calendar is busier than the M25 at rush hour.So what reasonable steps can you take to make sure you don’t suffer Christmas burnout? Socialising, making time for family and making sure you have all the Christmas festivities in order are all important, but it’s important to make sure you get some ‘me’ time in there too. Following a few of these steps could mean just that!

1. Pace yourself when it comes to alcohol

This can be a difficult one when the festive season is full of parties, gatherings and social occasions. One of the best ways to really look after yourself over Christmas is to dial down the amount of alcohol you consume. The old saying ‘everything in moderation’ is paramount here and if you stick to soft drinks plus a few alcoholic drinks, you may be surprised how good it makes you feel. Goodbye hangovers – only all the good feelings here!

2. It's Okay to say No

This sounds easier than it is when the social calendar starts getting busy with Christmas parties and dinner, but it’s helpful sometimes to remember that it’s okay to say no. Sometimes all you need is a hot bath, a night in with your loved ones watching TV, a slow yoga class or just reading a book and those things are just as important as the Christmas party. Don’t be afraid to say no and look after yourself.

3. Prepare in advance

This is especially key if you are hosting over the Christmas period and the stress of preparing dinner for a large number of family members draws closer. A little trick here is just to plan as much as you an in advance. Meal planning for the big day and even ordering your food online is something that can be done weeks in advance – and prepping things like gravy in advance that can be frozen and defrosted on the day is another great tip.

4. Ask for help

In line with preparing in advance, make sure you rally the troops around you and get the help you need! Your children, partners, parents and siblings can all be drafted in to help with the final Christmas meal or party touches. Your workload will be substantially lighter with a crew around you!

5. Book time slots to do something just for you

Put some aside to do things just for you. This is especially important in the run up to Christmas when you feel the demand of everyone else. Book in a slot to go for a short walk, go to the gym, do some baking or whatever helps you unwind. Just 20 minutes of that can work wonders.

6. Eat foods that make you feel good

It’s important to continue to eat the foods that fill your body and soul with nutritious vitamins and minerals and surrounded by party food, it can be easy to forget this! Make sure you continue to get your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, in a variety of different colours to ensure you are getting a range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals.