Sticking to an Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

Your health journey can begin at the dinner table, in the gym, or just walking in your neighborhood. If you are having trouble sticking with exercise, it is good to remember your “why.”

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    95% of people who exercise with friends stick with it.*

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    Build a lifestyle, not just a summer body.

  • Choose consistency over intensity.

What does a healthy and fit body allow you do in your life?

1. Physically, here are the benefits of exercise:
  • Control your weight. Forget fad diets and restrictive meal plans. A good balanced diet and regular exercise – in any form at all – will help you reach your weight goals.
  • Feel better. You've probably heard that fitness is addictive, and it's easily explained by science. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals known as endorphins which reduce your brain's perception of pain and stimulate a positive feeling in the body.
  • Boost your energy. Exercise improves your cardiovascular capabilities, often resulting in increased lung capacity and therefore greater endurance – not just as you exercise, but as you go about your daily activities.
  • Improve your sleep. Physical activity can help you fall asleep more quickly and help you achieve deeper, more refreshing sleep.
  • Avoid common ailments. Exercise can help prevent minor illnesses such as colds. It can also help lower your anxiety levels.
2. However, these may be the true reasons why exercise really improves your life.
  • When you feel good in your body, you are more confident in your every day.
  • When your body is well, you can get more done and not lose time being ill.
  • When you exercise and feel the endorphins, people find you are more positive and fun to be around.
  • When you have more energy, you can truly thrive and get through the day with ease.
  • When you are well rested, you feel grounded and clear with your intentions.
Take a moment to discover your why… and let it motivate you to stick with exercise.

Benefits of recruiting participants with friends and increasing social support for weight loss and maintenance.

One Simple Change

Still thinking you hate exercise?

Grab the playlist that never fails to make you smile, a pair of comfy shoes and simply start to move.

Perhaps it’s only around your bedroom...
Maybe you make it outside…
Whatever you do... just do it for 10 minutes and see where it takes you.