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5 Health & Wellness Trends to Watch in 2022


The new year brings a fresh start, one which many of us choose to embrace. A new year also brings a host of new trends and buzzwords. The year 2021 was a year of adjustment for us all and a year we all had to look within to prioritise our own mental wellbeing. We cooked at home more then ever before, cherished time with friends and family, and looked at the way we lives our lives and looked after our health. In 2022, that is not set to change. Research conducted by one of the UK’s supermarket chains, along with private medical associations, suggest we are taking this to the next level, with sustainability and mindfulness coming out tops, in every aspect of our health and wellness.  


We’ve rounded up five of the biggest health and wellness trends we think you need to know about – and how you can consider incorporating them into the year. Remember, it only takes one small change to have a positive influence on your life so read these with that in mind. Feel free to take a look at our guide to one small change here, before reading any further. 


1. Sustainable eating and cooking

Leading an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle has been a trend which has been building for years, but with COP26 last year and the conversation around climate coming to the forefront, finding small ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is a big trend for 2022. Making a change to climate change might still be overwhelming, but there are several ways we can all make small tweaks to our habits to make a difference. 

Two of the key suggestions in the 2022 trends list are: 

  1. Reducing food waste 
  2. Eating more vegan and vegetarian meals  


We suggest reducing your food waste through being savvy with ingredients and planning ahead, which can be as small as using your chicken bones to make a wholesome chicken broth or stock, or making a lentil curry that lasts a few days. It is also a good idea to get a food waste bin if your council offers it – this means all food waste is purposefully recycled. Eating more plant-based is an increasing suggestion for helping with the environment, with meat production being a key player in carbon emissions. Try swapping out your chicken stir fry with tofu for example. Head here for lots more vegetable based recipes to try.  


2. #HomeChef – TikTok & Instagram Inspiration

#HomeChef had 4.3billion views on TikTok last year – a testament to just how many of us were whipping up a storm in the kitchen in 2021. That trend is set to continue, with more of us than ever before sharing our culinary creations online. The year 2021 was the year we recreated favourite dishes from restaurants or travels from the past – and 2022 is the year that will continue. The great news about this trend is the access to the millions of ideas we have for what to eat (so much so it can be overwhelming). 

If you’re not sure where to start, why not hit up one of these pages: 


3. Gut health 

Looking after your gut health is a buzzword that has been circulating for a while – but 2022 looks like the year we are all going to be taking it a little more seriously, with a reported 83% increase in searches on Google for ‘gut health’ and a 60% increase in search for gut-brain axis. Gut health can encompass so much – from what we eat, to probiotics, to the gut brain connection, and how managing our stress can impact our gut. Diet is a huge factor to gut health, with many processed foods containing ingredients which are not so gut-friendly. Looking after your gut 101 is eating a wholesome balanced diet, including lots of whole foods like veg, fruit, nuts, pulses and beans. Probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kefir are also hugely popular. 

For more, take a look at our foods that are good for your gut.  



4. Mindful workouts

We have heard a lot about mindfulness in the past five years – mindful breathing, mindful eating, and the 2022 trend is mindful moving. In 2021, a lot of us had to move our exercise routine to our homes, using it not only as a tool for our physical health but also our mental health. There was a reported 80% increase in searches for ‘mindful moving’ in 2021. This trend could mean an increase in stretch classes, looking at purely moving to get in tune with our breathing and support our mental wellbeing.  

If you want to find out more about mindfulness, have a read here.

And try some of these movement suggestions to get you going: 



5. Tracking your stress levels  

In 2021, looking after our mental health was more important than ever. In 2022, we are looking to move towards finding ways to track our stress to keep it under control. Some wrist fitness trackers already track cortisol levels but there are other ways to keep tabs on how you’re feeling. You can take a diary or journal and note down how you’re feeling, any digestive problems, how you’re sleeping and any other factors which might impact how you’re feeling day to day. As mentioned above, mindfulness and practicing simple breathing exercises can also be a good way to keep your stress under control. 


Other key trends include supporting immunity (why not take a read of our mindset shifts for building immunity) and keeping a mood diary (take a look at our guide to journaling here).