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Summer Super Food Cocktail

Make your friends feel extra special by offering them this cooler that takes minutes to make.

Introducing my absolute favorite fruit right now… the Pomegranate! It is a mega super food charged up with lots of Vitamin C, which supports our immune system. It also has the good fiber to keep your digestion flowing at the right speed.

Get One More Fruit in Today

This drink is an amazingly easy way to get in one more fruit today. Just do it!


  • Pomegranate
  • Lime slices
  • Sparkling water
  • Optional: Prosecco ;-)


  1.  Pop out the pomegranate bits into a bowl, rinse
  2. Put 1 big spoon of the bits into each glass
  3. Pour sparkling water in
  4. Then squeeze in a slice of lime
  5. If you are feeling frisky... add a few splashes of Prosecco (wink wink)

Need another way to eat pomegranate?

  • Sprinkle in a salad for extra pops of flavor and color.
    • Try fennel, endive, walnuts and pomegranate.
    • Or grilled chicken on a bed of greens with apple slices, beets and pomegranate seeds.
    • And spinach, avocado, pomegranate and sunflower seeds.
  • Mix into your muesli mix in the morning.
  • Add to a quinoa or bulgur salad for a gorgeous salad bowl.
  • Make a cranberry and pomegranate sauce to place on roasted turkey.
  • I also just shovel it in my mouth when I have a sweet craving “et voila” fruit in… craving gone!

The Berry Blend

Did you know that the Juice PLUS+ Berry Blend has pomegranate in it as well PLUS 10 other berries and fruits such as cranberries and concord grapes? Imagine the powerhouse of nutrition packed into that tiny capsule.

To your health!