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Juice Plus+ is available worldwide. To find Juice Plus+ in your area, visit our Juice Plus+ websites:

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Customer Care

ES Atención al cliente
Tel. +34 911390015
Fax +34 911390016


ES Franchise Partner Support
Tel. +34 911390014
Fax +34 911390016


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The Juice Plus+® Company Ltd

Registered in England and Wales: 03222291

1 Grenfell Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1HN, United Kingdom

Tel. +34 911390015
Fax +34 911390016

OS-PLATFORM FOR DISPUTE RESOLUTION: For final customers in the EC the Commission has established an internet platform for Online-Dispute Resoltions of conflicts since 9th of January 2016. You can use this platform with the following link: Juice Plus+ doesn't use any alternative remedy system (AG).