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Why Juice Plus+? | Juice Plus+


Why Juice Plus+?

If you’re new here or feel as if you’ve been drowning in a commercial sea of healthy lifestyle brands, not knowing where to turn, don’t panic – we have a lifeboat full of answers – especially if the question is, why Juice Plus+? 

The simple answer to the above question can be found in the more than 25 years we’ve spent devoted to inspiring healthy living around the world in every person, from all walks of life. Whether your health goals are to drink more water, perfect your skincare routine or run a marathon – we offer you the support and encouragement to get you there, knowing that all it takes is One Simple Change.


What is One Simple Change?

One Simple Change is our unique nutritional philosophy that has jumpstarted thousands of people on their health journeys; providing a simpler, more easily digestible way for people to let go of unhealthy habits and embrace healthier ones. 

Too often than not, setting big goals that feel far from where we are can feel daunting and quickly lead us to run out of steam. That’s why Juice Plus+ focuses instead on making smaller, more manageable goals towards better health - encouraging you to explore the healthier route one step at a time with a smile. 



Juice Plus+ is only the first step. Here are our key four pillars that we believe will help set you on your journey to improved health and wellbeing. 

Nutrition – The trick to eating better can be as simple as adding an extra portion of vegetables to your plate or having your snack cravings answered with fresh fruit instead of crisps. As you adopt these healthy habits into your daily routine, you’ll be surprised at how quickly eating better will come naturally to you.

Sleep – Reap the benefits of reduced stress, improved concentration and the maintenance of a strong immune system by simply allowing yourself some rest. The CDC recommends that every adult aims for 7-9 hours of sleep. As part of your night-time routine, after brushing your teeth and applying any skincare products, enable night mode on your device, smile, relax and wind down from there.

Hydration – The adult body is made up of up to 60% water and requires a total of 11.5 cups a day if you are a woman, and 15.5 cups if you are a man. Drinking more water is a simple change that you can adopt as part of your daily routine. There are different ways to up your fluid intake too – did you know around 20% of your fluid intake comes from food? Hear how Clara incorporated One Simple Change in her life and discover her handy trick to drinking more water

Fitness – Moving more doesn’t have to mean getting a personal trainer and working out 7 days a week – unless you’re up for it, in which case, go you! Moving more can be applied to your daily routine by simply choosing to walk instead of drive, or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Feel a genuine difference in your body by simply moving more.

All the great benefits of a healthy life often start with One Simple Change.



Why Juice Plus+ products?

We know that nothing comes close to the benefits you get from eating fresh fruits and vegetables - except for our Juice Plus+ products! From farm to capsule, our Juice Plus+ Premium capsules alone are made from over 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries along with other plant ingredients blended together into nutritional powders. Our products are simple, providing added whole food-based nutrition that helps people “bridge the gap” between what they should eat, and actually do eat, every day. Fun fact: the extra vitamins and plant ingredients in our products are why we add the Plus+ to our brand name – we’re always striving to give you more.

Our capsules are food supplements, and while they hold a mouth-watering amount of nutrients from real fruits and vegetables, you should use them as an addition to – not a solution for – a full balanced diet. We are continually seeking better ingredients and processes to maintain our whole food, minimally processed, plant-derived ethos, so you can always expect nothing less.

Feel good knowing that our products are safe, high-quality and effective

With a stellar product range made from the best in whole food nutrition, it’s easy to see why Juice Plus+ has become a favourite around the world. All of our products from Complete Shakes to our Vegetable Soups are gluten-free, made without GMO ingredients, and as minimally processed and close to nature as possible. 

We care about the nutrients that go into your body and are committed to making you feel your best from the inside out. Your wellbeing is the biggest reason why Juice Plus+ goes above and beyond to source fruits and vegetables of the highest-quality, and works with the best people at all points of our supply chain. 

One thing that always brings a smile to our customers’ faces is knowing that our products are not just a perfect addition to living a healthy life but that we have the science to back it up.



Our products are backed by lots of scientific research

Health experts and scientists across the globe have been rigorously researching our fruit, vegetable and berry blend capsules since the 1990s. Our products are supported by more than 40 independent clinical studies, conducted by researchers at leading hospitals and universities and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals – making Juice Plus+ the most researched nutritional product in the world! 

As a global brand with products sold all over the world, it is even more important to maintain these standards in every corner of the globe, across language and culture – it’s why Juice Plus+ works with different independent clinical research establishments and organisations – to ensure high standards throughout. All Juice Plus+ Capsules, and all Complete by Juice Plus+ Shakes, Soup and Bars hold Informed Choice certification.

We want our customers to choose Juice Plus+ with confidence, and see for themselves why Juice Plus+ products are one-of-a-kind. Learn more about how Juice Plus+ supports your health and the research behind our product by viewing some of our clinical research results.


Here’s what our customers have to say 


We have collected customer reviews from Trustpilot because why Juice Plus+ is not just a question we can answer, but one our customers can too.

“I have been taking Juice Plus+ for over 12 years, never missing a day! I buy it for all my family... It is many things for me... none of the hassle of daily juicing, great value for money, has had bags of research on the actual product, proven to be easily absorbable by the body… I can go on and on. I will continue to take the product as I love the effect it has on my body.” – Jo 

“Love the product! I have been taking this product for over 3 months and I can feel the difference in my body... So far so good. My wife also likes the product, so I just placed a new order for her as well. I will have my mum try them and I am sure she will like the product as well.” – Ali 

“I have been using Juice Plus+ for around 2 years now, I started on the shakes as I was always skipping breakfast. I absolutely loved them and was introduced to the boosters and the capsules. I wish I would have found these products sooner and I will be using them for the rest of my life. These are perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Juice Plus+” - Katie


We Give Back and inspire real change


As part of our efforts to inspire healthy living around the world, our Juice Plus+ family – made up of customers, Partners, employees and many of our supporters – play an important role in giving back by helping those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Thousands of our Juice Plus+ Independent Partners and other members of our Juice Plus+ community support non-profit organisations large and small in their local communities through their involvement, their leadership, and their financial contributions.

One of the ways we do this is through charitable giving and community involvement. Juice Plus+ is dedicated to helping children and families everywhere reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. 

We want to inspire and enable healthy change that impacts lives and communities forever. Because when you change the way people experience the world, in the end, you’ve changed the world itself.



We look after your health and your family’s

Get inspired about healthy living at home! The Healthy Starts programme empowers families to make simple but meaningful lifestyle changes that will help them on their journey to better health. Healthy Starts for Families is a simple and affordable way to improve your family’s healthy eating habits. When you enrol in the Juice Plus+ Family Health Study and order Juice Plus+ capsules, you’ll also receive Juice Plus+ Chewables for your child or teenager free (with a small shipping charge). 

The Healthy Starts for Families programme is a simple approach to health that empowers your family to make easy changes in four areas: Fitness, Sleep, Hydration and Nutrition. Families participating in the Healthy Starts programme have reported positive changes in their routine, such as reaching for healthier snacks, drinking more water, getting enough sleep and getting more exercise.

Juice Plus+ is there for you every step of the way 

There are many reasons why Juice Plus+ is a star-player in the health and wellness sphere – aside from being a world leader in plant-based nutrition with products that are second-to-none, Juice Plus+ focuses a lot on community. We meet you wherever you are on your health journey and our diverse community is there lifting you up every step of the way. 

What are some of the healthy habits you want to adopt? Learn more about how to implement healthy changes in your life by starting with these 5 plant-based breakfasts to try; it’s good for you and the environment!