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Springtime and Healthy Easter Baskets

We are in SPRING

The flowers are blooming and its starting to rain like crazy, amidst bursts of warm sunshine and blue skies. I feel the sudden urge to eat better and get outside more. It’s like a natural shedding of the winter fur and trading in for sunshine on my skin.

What does Spring Mean to You?

For us, spring means…

  • Freshness 
  • Time to clean (and let go)
  • Chance for a new start
  • Planting seeds and reconnecting with nature
  • Letting go of winter laziness, letting in more SUNSHINE with spring energy!
  • Easter Chocolate!!!

At Juice Plus+ we believe in living healthy, in a realistic way! Easter is a big part of life in Europe, culturally even if you are not religious. There are chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and jelly candies all around us (even in the office.) No escape. But what about the children in our lives? And the teens who aren’t sure if they want an Easter basket? Do we always need to give them so many chocolates and sweets? 

In this blog, we give you 5 creative Healthy Easter Basket Ideas!

  1. Cherish your loved ones.
  2. Healthy Easter Baskets Ideas for Children
  3. Healthy Easter Baskets Ideas for Tween-agers and Teens
  4. Healthy Easter Baskets Ideas for Adults
  5. Give the gift of plant-based nutrition this Easter!

1. Cherish Your Loved Ones.

We all want to feel cherished and loved. We want to feel seen and to be special. It is not about the chocolate, but that you remembered them and made something special for them. So why not explore something different in their Easter Baskets? Maybe even make a small basket for your partner!! See our healthy Easter basket ideas below.

2. Healthy Easter Basket Ideas for Children.


Rabbity Basket – Let the animals inspire you!

  • Pack in your little nest a book inspired by bunnies. Our favourite rabbit book: Guess How Much I Love You. By Sam McBratney.
  • Look for a baby rabbit stuffed animal – the tinier and fuzzier, the better!
  • Get a white ceramic bunny that your child can paint themselves.
  • Place one tiny dark chocolate bunny (low sugar.)
  • Add in a cookie cutter shaped like a bunny and make your own homemade bunny cookies.

Springtime Gardening Basket – Let nature and home-grown food inspire you!

  • Packets of seeds or seedlings from spring fruit and veg. Think strawberries and raspberries or cherry tomatoes. Fun to grow. Fun to pick of the vine!
  • Colourful planting pot
  • Two mini sized gardening tools (fork and shovel)
  • Tiny bag of dirt.
  • Illustrative book that shows how to garden for kids.

Creativity Basket – Let self-expression inspire you!

  • Story Cubes – cubes with pictures on them that help spark creativity and storytelling spontaneously.
  • Dixit Game – encouraging storytelling and imaginative play.
  • Sketch pad – learning to deal with a blank page!
  • Fun colour markers or pencils

Other Unique Easter Basket Ideas to Add In!

  • Juice Plus+ Chewables – Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blends (sweet, chewy and with the powders of 30 different fruits and vegetables along with added vitamins and plant ingredients!)
  • Invitation for an hour play date – with you and 100% your attention on them.
  • Storytelling time – You tell stories about your own childhood. Show pictures for added effect.

3. Healthy Easter Basket Ideas for Tweenagers to Teens.

  • Instead of doing something childish, like a basket or nest, why not try something different like a tackle box, deco box, funky hat, or supply caddie.

Stay at Home Cuddles Basket

  • Lush Carrot Soaps (love!)
  • Sparkly notebook or bullet journal.
  • Pens that have a lovely, scented ink.
  • Face mask, lip gloss or bath bomb.

Creative Minds Easter Basket

  • Mad Libs – Easter Eggstravaganza.
  • Cool coloured markers.
  • Book to teach you how to create your own illustrations.
  • Sketchpad.

Get Outside into Nature Easter Basket

  • ·Flashlight.
  • Flint and steel.
  • Marshmallows and reusable roasting stick.
  • Mini first aid kit.
  • Insect repellent bracelet.

Other Tween to Teen Basket Stuffers

  • Invitation to a Movie (alone with you)
  • Juice Plus+ Essentials Capsules or Chewables!
  • Cool sunglasses or hat (if you know what cool is!)
  • Portable chargers in a fun colour.

4. Healthy Easter Basket Ideas for Adults.

When children are involved, often the adults are forgotten. It’s “all about the kids,” right? WRONG. We need love and affection too! And a little attention goes a long way. Pack an Easter Basket for your beloved or seal it in a large envelope. Here are some ideas on what to pack in an adult Easter Basket.

  • Picture of when you two first met.
  • A love letter or poem.
  • A ticket for a daytime date alone, no kids. Daytime, because who has energy at night!! Better moods are often had during the day.
  • Tiny bit of chocolate or sweet with promises of sweet kisses later. 

5. Give the gift of plant-based nutrition.

Have you ever heard of Healthy Starts? We believe that everyone deserves the chance to get the best nutrition from fruits and vegetables into their diet – at any age. With Juice Plus+ Healthy Starts, you can give the gift of Juice Plus+ products to the young person of your choice. 

When you buy Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Blend capsules on subscription, your younger loved one will receive Fruit & Vegetable Blend capsules or chewables for free, all you need to do is pay for the shipping costs. 

Want to know more? Check out the details and conditions here: Healthy Starts. Or contact your Juice Plus+ Partner to see how Healthy Starts can help your family or loved ones make healthy changes in their life.

Let yourself SPRING into spring! 

Get your healthy start on with Juice Plus+ AND some of our amazing healthy Easter Basket ideas for your family and loved ones.

Cheers to your health!

Vanessa Gatelein

Health Coach