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5 Ingredients to Give Your Bakes a Healthy Boost


Flour, eggs, sugar are the basic ingredients to a decent cake. However, how about getting experimental with your bakes with alternative ingredients that will help to reduce the sugar and fat content to make them a little bit healthier.



1. Avocados

The creamy flesh of avocados is a fantastic replacement for butter in cakes because their rich texture is very similar.  Using avocados gives cakes an injection of healthy fats without compromising on taste.

2. Grated Courgettes

We’ve all heard of carrot cakes, well why not try a courgette cake?  Grating courgettes into your cake mixture doesn’t affect the taste but is a great way to make your cakes soft and moist, but also getting the nutrients from the courgettes too.




3. Wholegrain Flour

Experimenting with different flours is a great way to boost the nutrition of your cakes. Wholegrain flour is probably the easiest type to get hold of and is a brilliant source of fibre.

4. Apple Puree

Apple puree isn’t just for babies; it’s also great in cakes to add sweetness to replace regular sugar.


Portioned tartlet cakes with filling of nuts and dried fruits. Professional baking. Background woode


5. Dried Fruit

The sugar in dried fruits is concentrated making them super sweet. By using them in cakes it means that you can use less sugar because the sweetness from the dried fruits is just enough.