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Bring on the Bunnies (2)

Dear Ellen, Eastertime is a period where I love my chocolate, but I am worried about overeating! What simple changes can I make to make the most of my bunnies for my mind, body and spirit?

12 One Simple Changes to make the most of your bunnies!

  1. Go natural! Alkalization strips many of the beneficial compounds from cocoa.
  2. Choose dark! The darker the better- with a higher cacao content to reap a maximum of above mentioned benefits.
  3. Be mindful! Eat chocolate slowly and mindfully knowing that it could make you feel satisfied sooner. Here are some steps for savouring every bite.
  4. Be Fussy! Choose quality chocolate for maximum satisfaction.
  5. Beware! Extra ingredients that can add extra fat and calories.
  6. Blend! Add unsweetened cacao to a healthy smoothie to satisfy a chocolate craving.
  7. Try Juice PLUS+ Complete Chocolate Shake or Juice PLUS+ Complete Chocolate Bars as a healthy alternative.
  8. Dare! Adding a bit of cocoa to your coffee or cereal to get your chocolate fix.
  9. Remember! Chocolate still delivers added sugars and calories.
  10. Control portions! Opt for small individually wrapped chocolates whenever possible.
  11. Share! Your family or friends would love to share your bunnies!
  12. Be creative with leftovers! If you do not finish all of the Easter Chocolate, use it to bake up an after-Easter treat.