Growing Outdoors

The Basics of Growing Outdoors with Tower Garden

Here’s a quick overview on the basics of growing outdoors with your Tower Garden! We’ve linked to deeper dives throughout so you can easily access whatever you need.

1. Find Your Sunny Sweet Spot

Wherever you plan to set up your outdoor Tower Garden, you’ll need about  1.5m sq. of space, a reliable source of electricity, and an easy way to get water to the system. Choose a level spot where your plants will get 6–8 hours of full sunlight to fuel their growth and health.

2. Assemble Your Tower Garden

Set aside about 20–30 minutes to put your Tower Garden together. You’ll find a step-by-step HOME assembly video and downloadable guide here. (Note: A printed copy of the guide also came with your Tower Garden.)

3. Just Add Water (and Nutrients)

Now you’re ready to prep your Tower Garden for your plants by filling the reservoir, adding nutrients, and connecting to your power source. As with the assembly, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step videos and downloadable guide for HOME.

4. Start Your Plants

Whether you’re planning to use the seeds that came with your Tower Garden, order new seeds, or experiment with seedlings, we recommend taking a look at what crops grow best outdoors and making sure you and the season are on the same growing page.

5. Keep an Eye on Things

To make sure you get the best possible harvest, we encourage you to check on your plants regularly (to minimise any potential issues) and keep up with these quick maintenance tasks for your Tower Garden unit.

6. Harvest

Time is veggies! Your eyes and your appetite tell you those leafy greens, herbs, or other plants are ready to move from Tower to table, so ... now what? Find harvesting tips here, and get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Best Practices for Happy, Healthy Harvests

Already comfortable with the basics? Check out these best practices for getting the most out of your crops and your Tower Garden. See best practices for growing outdoors »