Beginner Tips and Tricks

Basic Tips and Tricks for All New Tower Gardeners

We want you to feel confident as a new Tower Gardener! Here are some tried-and-true tips and tricks that might come in handy to get your Tower Garden going and your plants growing!


Planning your first Tower Garden crop now will give you a head start when it’s planting time. You’ll find general planning tips here, but here are two simple rules of thumb, regardless of whether you have a green thumb:

  1. Choose produce you enjoy eating. Real talk? Set yourself up for happy eating — if nobody in your household will eat spinach, don’t plant it, at least not as part of your first round.
  2. Start with the simplest crops. Whether you’re ardent about Rocket or passionate about peppers, check out this list of plants that new gardeners consistently find rewarding and easier to grow in the beginning of their gardening journey.


There are real benefits to starting from seed, which is part of why each Tower Garden comes with a starter kit! But if you don’t want to wait for seeds to germinate, you can also start with seedlings.


Once your Tower Garden is assembled and set up, there are a few ongoing, minor maintenance tasks (don't worry, we promise it's as easy as we've said!). Lots of new Tower Gardeners find a basic checklist useful:

  • Print this “Maintaining Your Tower Garden” PDF to have as a checklist, or scroll the Tower Garden HOME Growing Guides. (Note: Your kit also came with a hard copy of this guide in the box.)
  • You can also opt for a scheduling app, set basic phone reminders, or go with a traditional wall calendar or notebook.
  • This is all about helping yourself figure out the best way to add these tasks to your existing routine, so whatever kind of system works best for you in general!


As with a maintenance checklist, many Tower Gardeners find it helpful to keep tabs on the details of what they grow, how it went, whether they’d like to plant larger quantities of a particular crop next time around. It can be really interesting to look back at previous entries and see whether your process or preferences have changed! Plus, you can always pass it forward and share that knowledge with other new Tower Gardeners.