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How to Spring Clean Your Healthy Living Habits

Spring has sprung! Let’s spring clean your routine.

Letting go of this past winter is a must! Shake it off, shake it out and let it go! 


Are you ready for a fresh start?  

Here are a several ideas to get you clear on what works for you and get started on spring cleaning your healthy living routine. 



Take a moment to sit in a quiet place, light a candle and focus on these 3 questions. Write down the first things that come to mind. 

1. First check-in.

  • Ask yourself, what is not serving me right now?  
  • What doesn’t feel good, or feels uncomfortable? 
  • What can I not tolerate anymore? 


2. What is missing?

  • What do I need more of in my life?  
  • Think about activities, friends, spaces, and energy? 


3.  How can you create a nourishing spring ahead?

  • Ask yourself, what foods sound particularly nourishing to me right now? 
  • What people or places feel like they bring me energy? 
  • What does my body crave? 



Sometimes, caring about our body from the outside first, helps us to start taking care of our body on the inside next. 

  • Dry brush before showering – it stimulates the circulation bringing nourishment towards the outer parts of the skin. 
  • After showering, lotion with a good quality oil or lotion. We love almond oil.  
  • Hydrate the skin and body by drinking water with lemon or cucumber pieces throughout the day. 



Let go of the soups and stews of winter and start heading into the fresh, crisp greens paired with bright red berries. A great way to do this is in a smoothie or yoghurt bowl like the Fresh Berries with Vanilla Yoghurt Sauce

Popular Spring GREENS: Asparagus, Rocket, Watercress, Lettuces, Spinach 

Amazing Spring RED Berries: Raspberries, Strawberries, Cherries, Redcurrants 


Check out the locally grown produced in the UK here with the Vegetarian Society



Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash



  • Get outside early in the day and make regular contact with the SUNSHINE. Beyond vitamin D, we are talking about good vibes and fresh air. 
  • Start walking regularly on your own or with a friend. Even for 10 minutes is mega-mental-health-booster. We love going after lunch or dinner or walking for 5 minutes during the 4p.m. slump. 
  • Choose two days a month to connect with a good friend or a new friend in person. 



Very often we dedicate all our time to work, home and others. How much space have you created for yourself to do things that you love to do and bring you joy? 

  • Go back to the beginning of this exercise? What is missing? What do you crave?  
  • Make a plan to add in one thing just for you each week. Start small. With 30 minutes or 1 hour and build up to a half day just for you. 



Buy one new outfit or brightly coloured shirt. Get a fresh new haircut. Whatever you do… think fresh, clean, and well groomed. Even though it is totally for the eyeballs and outside appearances, refreshing our look often makes us feel lighter, brighter, and cheerier. 



Our home can be a source of peace or a source of stress. A cluttered space often means many decisions not taken. Letting go is not easy, but I personally find that when I have less things to manage and care for, the more peace and joy I have in my life. When I have too many things around me to maintain, it is overwhelming, and I feel like I cannot catch up to life. 

  • What can you let go of at home and clear out? 
  • What can freshen up with a bit of soap, water, and an essential oil? 
  • How often do you open the windows and let fresh air sweep through your home, room or apartment? 
  • Do you have any plants that soften the room and clear the air for you? 


Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash



Consider going on a yoga retreat or culinary holiday experience in a countryside town vs. city party place. Think about fresh air, getting into nature and self-care beyond the massage. Here are some ideas to try: 

  • Learn a new skill like cooking or painting 
  • Hike or walk in nature and take in a unique landscape 
  • Self-development and leadership courses  
  • Yoga or meditation retreat 
  • Surfing classes for any age 
  • Sailing 
  • Forest “bathing” 
  • Countryside drives 
  • All-inclusive vacation with babysitting/childcare  
  • Book club holiday at a B&B 
  • Volunteering holiday for a good cause 



Take a moment to reflect on how you are at work.  

  • What’s the current topic or theme at your company?  
  • Are you feeling satisfied, stagnant, challenged or? 
  • Is it time to refresh or let things be and enjoy the spring and summertime with friends, family and loved ones? 



We are what we eat, drink, think and consume. Have you ever thought about social media and the internet and how that is feeding your brain? Take a moment to think about what thoughts you want to be having. Positive, supportive, clear, focused, community building or perhaps thoughts that even help you to grow your finances. 

  • Wherever you are in your journey, question what you are feeding your brain. 
  • Is there a library or bookstore near you, where you can dream, explore, and discover new topics to feed your brain with good and positive messaging? 
  • As summer approaches, parks and outdoor spaces yearn for books to be read under trees along with the smell of flowers. I vote for romance and positive energy reading! 



Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash



That was a ton of information and ideas on how to FRESHEN up your life. What sounds interesting to you? What is overwhelming? Can you get support and do it with a friend? 

Whatever you choose, follow your heart, and know that you are headed in the right direction. Nothing is perfect. Enjoy the process of becoming who you are.