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9 fun facts about fruit and vegetables to teach your kids

Our main focus as parents is to get our kids eating the good stuff – encouraging them to eat enough fruit and vegetables to thrive and grow into happy and healthy individuals.

Whilst the taste of broccoli and tomatoes might not be favourites at first, there are some pretty quirky things to know about fruit and veg that might make trying them a little more enjoyable after all…




And they are the most popular fruit in the whole world!

The confusion about whether it was a fruit or a vegetable arose after the 1890s when the US Supreme Court named them a vegetable for tax reasons.


Weird but true!

Berries by definition have their seeds on the inside, whilst strawberries hold their 200 seeds on the outside.

The strawberry plant produces a fleshy ‘false fruit’, also known as a ‘pseudocarp’ from its flower. Although essentially all you need to know is, they are still insanely delicious. 



Whilst they are larger than a strawberry, an average sized pomegranate can contain anywhere between 600-1400 seeds or ‘arils’.


In October 1995, NASA and a university in the US collaborated to help grow the ever first veggie in space – a potato! 



In subtropical regions, like Brazil, where they grow some types of oranges, the temperature isn’t cold enough for the skin to turn orange.

This means the orange could stay green or yellow, even when it’s ripe!


When they’re ripe, they bounce! Give it a go yourself…


Winter Cocktail With Cranberries, Raw Cranberries And Milkshake On The Table


And it’s also part of the cabbage family.


Not to mention olives, avocado, aubergine and capsicum; which are all also fruits! 




The fruit grows on the Durio tree and grows in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Apparently it smells of rotten eggs, sweaty socks or even garbage.

Fancy trying that one?