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Healthy Afternoon Tea


You don’t get more British than afternoon tea and on the 14th August it’s Afternoon Tea week! Bring on the tea, scones, jam, clotted cream and tiny sandwiches! In this article I want to share with you some five ways to give your afternoon tea a healthy twist.



1.     Go for a herbal tea.  

This is simple and straight to the point. There are so many delicious herbal teas – many of which have fantastic health benefits. Go for a mint tea to improve digestion and relax your mind or a ginger tea to aid absorption of your food. If you’re a caffeine nut, earl grey can be drunk with a slice of lemon and a delicious alternative to tea! Green tea is also lightly caffeinated and boats a whole host of antioxidants. There are lots of fruity options too – including blackcurrant or apple and cinnamon.


Yummy Smoothie With Fruity Yogurt On Old White Table


2.     OR mix it up with a fruity smoothie.

If herbal tea isn’t your thing (and it’s not for everyone!), why not try a filling and satisfying smoothie. These can be such a refreshing substitute and would be delicious with a raw sweet treat or savoury options below. You can try mixing oats with frozen berries, almond milk, honey and banana for a quick easy combination or even go for a super green option with spinach, apple or cucumber! If you’re going for an afternoon tea spread at home, I would strongly recommend using frozen fruits. They can be stored for longer, stay punchy with flavour and saves waste!




3.    Go for rice cakes or rye bread for your sandwiches

A typical afternoon tea consists of perfect triangular sandwiches and the savoury element is definitely important! Don’t skip the savoury, but swap it in for some rice cakes or equally delicious rye bread. Rye flour has cholesterol lowering properties and is great for regulating your glucose (sugar) levels in your body. Brown rice cakes are full of fibre and phytochemicals.




4.     Raw sweet treats

Try some raw sweet treats in place of your scones and cakes! Raw balls or fruit bars are a really fibrous and retain so much goodness due to the raw ingredients! Try a simple cinnamon and date raw ball by combining medjool dates, cinnamon, walnuts, desiccated coconut and cacao. Simply whizz up the walnuts in a food processor. Add the walnuts to the dates, cacao, cinnamon and coconut and blend again. Shape them into balls and now you’re good to go! Delicious with herbal tea.




5.     Put some fresh fruit on your plate

Energy balls are delicious, but can be quite dry on the mouth! Add simple platter of fresh fruit to your afternoon tea and enjoy after your savoury snacks and raw treats. Mango, melon, grapes, strawberries – all delicious served on a platter. Sprinkle over some lemon or lime zest for a refreshing twist!