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3x3 with Luke: 1...2...3 quick and easy family workouts!


Kill 3 birds with one stone while getting in shape with your partner and entertaining your little one at the same time. Afterwards, all of you can then treat yourselves to some cuddle time on the sofa. All three exercises are simple and can be done anywhere, even on holiday, with no equipment needed. Get started, have fun and get fit!


1. Exercise: Baby 180 Degree Partner Twist


This exercise will help build your core and aids spinal support. The twisting movement helps strengthen the core and obliques. Make sure to hold your baby in a safe manner. Facing away from your partner, twist in the same direction to catch the baby while bracing your core as you twist in the opposite direction to meet your partner on the other side.


2. Exercise: Baby Short Bridge


The dip and crunch partner combo focuses on the triceps, chest and central abdominals. Have partner one lay on their back in a position where they feel comfortable to do a crunch. The crunch is simply done by bringing your shoulders off the ground and rolling your upper torso towards your hips to activate your abs. Whilst doing this, your legs are bent and used as a support for partner two to do the dip exercise. For this move,  have partner two place their hands on partner one’s  knees. Holding a strong neutral posture, partner two can then lower their body into the dip movement to engage their triceps and chest muscles. Repeat using a rep range or for a time period.

* please note - if partner two  feels any pain in their wrists doing this exercise it should be stopped to avoid injury.


3. Exercise: Baby Partner Sit Up


This exercise is a great way to have some fun,make your baby laugh and work your abs at the same time. Interlock your leg into your partners so your foot acts as a hook on their outer thigh and both you and your partners knees are together. Come up into an upright sit up position and continue to pass the baby to each other while you take  turns doing the sit up exercise.


1...2...3..: Repeat all 3 exercises 3 times!