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Juice Plus+ Frequent Asked Questions

1. Why is Juice Plus+ a good choice?

20 years of experience and independent clinical research programmes have now shown that Juice Plus+ can quite rightly be referred to as “the next best thing to fruit and vegetables”. The composition of Juice Plus+ with specially developed fruit and vegetable concentrates, combined with selected vitamins from natural sources, creates a highly recommendable product. The nutrients in Juice Plus+ support your health in a variety of ways, as the following overview shows.

Nutrients in Juice Plus+
Contribute to: Beta-Carotin  (Provitamin A) Vitamin 
Vitamin E Folic acid Studies with Juice Plus+
Normal immune system function  
Normal immune system function during/after intensive physical activity      
Protects cells from oxidative stress  
Normal blood vessel function      
Normal homocysteine metabolism      
Normal skin maintenance    
Normal tooth and gum function      
Tissue growth during pregnancy      

Besides Juice Plus+ there is no other nutritional supplement based on fruit and vegetables which has undergone anywhere near such broad and in-depth scientific research. This gives you the opportunity to assess the product on a factual basis and you don’t need to rely on the subjective opinions of individual users.

2. How should I take Juice Plus+ capsules?

For adults, we recommend taking 2 Juice Plus+ capsules of fruit, vegetable and berry selection every day, preferably at mealtimes with a glass of water. It doesn’t matter if you take the capsules in one go or spread out in several portions. Refer to question 3 and 4 to find out possible alternatives to the Juice Plus+ capsules.

3. Can children also take Juice Plus+?

We recommend taking just 1 Juice Plus+ capsule of fruit, vegetable and berry blend per day from the age of 6 up to 13 years. The powder from the capsule can also be mixed into the food  (see question 4). The recommended adult dose applies to children over 13 years of age.

Juice Plus+ soft chewables

Juice Plus+ soft chewables are a tasty alternative for children. They contain about half the valuable substances from fruit and vegetables, compared to the capsules. For children between 4 and 13, we recommend 2 Juice Plus+ soft chewables of any sort every day. The recommended adult dose applies to children over 13 years of age, which is: 4 Juice Plus+ soft chewables of any sort every day.

4. What do I do if I can’t swallow the capsules?

Besides the tasty alternative to the Juice Plus+ soft chewables, it’s also possible to consume the Juice Plus+ powder without the shell. To do this, pull the hard capsules apart and mix the powder directly into a food of your choice, such as yoghurt. Liquids are not quite as suitable as solid or semi-solid food for mixing in the powder.

5. What makes Juice Plus+ so different from other common vitamin products?

Juice Plus+ is not comparable to normal vitamin products in a variety of ways. The main substances of Juice Plus+ are the highly concentrated fruit, vegetable and berry powder which provide valuable phytonutrients as well as vitamins and minerals. The special value of Juice Plus+ lies in the synergy of all these substances from natural sources and not in the dosage of isolated “individual substances”.

6. What does Juice Plus+ consist of?

For Juice Plus+, 30 sorts of fully ripe fruit, vegetables and berries are gently processed using our own special methods. The result is a powder concentrate of juice and pulp with a maximum of all the valuable micronutrients from fruit, vegetables and berries combined with a few, perfectly balanced vitamins. All ingredients are from natural sources. The individual ingredients can be found on the packaging of Juice Plus+ nutritional supplements and here

7. Why is the fruit, vegetable and berry powder supplemented with vitamins?

Only 3 of the known 13 vitamins are added to Juice Plus+ – vitamin E, C, folic acid as well as provitamin A (beta-carotene). Their physiological effects perfectly complement the properties of the phytonutrients from fruit, vegetables and berries in Juice Plus+® (refer to the table in question 1).

As a Juice Plus+ user, you’re well looked after with vitamins C, E, folic acid and provitamin A (beta-carotene), which means that taking these vitamins using additional food supplements is generally no longer necessary.

8. Where do the added vitamins come from?

All added vitamins (refer to question 7) come from purely natural sources. For instance, provitamin A (beta-carotene) comes from a type of algae called Dunaliella salina, carrots and other sources, vitamin C comes from the acerola cherry as well as other sources, vitamin E comes from soya oil, and folic acid is obtained by biofermentation, similar to the way folic acid is formed in the human body.

9. Why does Juice Plus+ often contain more than 100 % of the “recommended daily allowance” (% RDA) of vitamins?

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is a guideline for an average intake of nutrients to prevent deficiency diseases in otherwise healthy people. This legally defined allowance supplies a minimum level of vitamins that is needed on average by the general population to maintain their health. This allowance does not give you an optimum supply of vitamins, as special circumstances or influencing factors, such as pregnancy, smoking, competitive sports, diseases, age and gender, are not taken into account. Partly for this reason, legislation was provided which defined a permissible, safe and healthy range for nutritional supplements which is well above the RDA. Obviously the amount of Juice Plus+ vitamins is within this range and is seen as typical for food.

10. How is Juice Plus+ produced?

The wide range of fruit, vegetables and berries are cultivated in places with the best conditions for growth. This includes locations in North America and Europe. After harvesting, the processing takes place very promptly to ensure the highest possible content of valuable nutrients using the latest state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the juice and pulp of fruit, vegetables and berries, the cores and peel are also partially used. After the extremely gentle drying process, the concentrated Juice Plus+ powder is encapsulated and made into soft chewable tablets in Switzerland for the whole of Europe. Therefore, Juice Plus+ is subject to Swiss quality controls.

11. How is the superior quality of Juice Plus+ ensured?

Juice Plus+ is continuously checked throughout the entire production chain, beginning with the fruit and vegetables, then in the production of the powder and finally as a finished product. These include, for example, analysing residues for harmful substances. The approval of raw materials takes place under strict adherence to all the applicable EU directives.

This is also approved for Juice Plus+ capsules by the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS and shown by the quality seal.

12. Are there any additives in Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ consists of ingredients from natural sources and is free of: 

• preservatives
• synthetic colouring
• chemical stabilisers
• GMO = genetically modified organisms

13. Is Juice Plus+ an organic product?

We use organically grown fruit, vegetables and berries whenever possible for the production of Juice Plus+. All ingredients are continuously analysed for the presence of pesticides and herbicides to ensure the high quality standards of Juice Plus+ products. Despite this, Juice Plus+ is not an organic product according to the current guidelines.


14. Does Juice Plus+ contain any gluten?

According to the current standard of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO, WHO and EU Regulation (EU) No 609/2013 and No 828/2014), the gluten content must be below 20 ppm (mg/kg) for a product to be labelled “gluten-free”. This is the case for all Juice Plus+ food supplements.


15. Can I take Juice Plus+ if I have an intolerance to fructose?

The following fructose amounts are contained in Juice Plus+:

2 Juice Plus+ capsules of fruit selection   156 mg
2 Juice Plus+ capsules of vegetable selection:                 30 mg
2 Juice Plus+ capsules of berry selection:    180 mg
2 Juice Plus+ pastilles of fruit selection:    185 mg
2 Juice Plus+ pastilles of vegetable selection:            60 mg
2 Juice Plus+ pastilles of berry selection:    130 mg
2 Juice Plus+ chewable tablets of fruit selection:      approx. 0,8 g
2 Juice Plus+ chewable tablets of vegetable selection:    approx. 0,8 g


By way of comparison: 100 g of lettuce contains 530 mg fructose*.
  100 g of cucumber provides 878 mg fructose*.
  *German Nutrition Society, DGE, 2005

As individual fructose tolerance varies so widely, one definitive statement cannot be made. The decision regarding the consumption of Juice Plus+ by those with a fructose intolerance must ultimately be made by the customer or their medical practitioner.

16. Does Juice Plus+ contain any lactose?

All Juice Plus+ nutritional supplements are lactose-free.

17. How much carbohydrate is there in Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ contains carbohydrates, just as fruit and vegetables do, even though this is in very small amounts:

Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable capsules:

2+2 Juice Plus+ capsules (adult dose) 

  1,30 g

Juice Plus+ Premium capsules:

2+2+2 Juice Plus+ capsules (adult dose) 

  1,66 g

Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable pastilles:

2+2 Juice Plus+ pastilles (child dose) 

  8,2 g

Juice Plus+ Premium pastilles:

2+2+2 Juice Plus+ pastilles (child dose)                 

  12 g

Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable chewable tablets:

2+2 Juice Plus+ chewable tablets (child dose) 

  5,2 g

Juice Plus+ nutritional supplements are also highly suitable for diabetics. According to modern dietary recommendations, diabetics can eat everything, including carbohydrates. They just have to take everything into account in their nutritional value calculation, for example, to determine the amount of insulin.

18. What are the Juice Plus+ chewables sweetened with?

For the subtle sweetness in the Juice Plus+ soft chewables, a very special carbohydrate from tapioca and low amounts of organic whole cane sugar have been used. 1 Juice Plus+ chewable contains approx. 1 g of sugar.

19. Can people with allergies also take Juice Plus+?

This question can only be answered once the severity of the allergy is known. With regard to allergies, in our experience, Juice Plus+ is also tolerated very well even if an allergy exists to the fresh state of one of the types of fruit contained. In the case of allergies, always seek medical advice before taking Juice Plus+ and check the ingredients on the label.

20. Juice Plus+ – possibilities and limitations

Juice Plus+ is generally considered as foodstuff. It contains micronutrients, such as phytonutrients, which are part of a normal diet and are contained in food in typical amounts. Therefore, Juice Plus+ can support physiological processes in the body but it is not promoted or used as a therapeutic agent. Due to the Food Law and Health Claims Regulation, illnesses and health claims made about foodstuffs are generally critical.

21. Juice Plus+ when taken in combination with other medication

Juice Plus+ is a nutritional supplement that should basically be regarded as food. Therefore, generally no side effects are expected when used with medication. It is crucial to respect the recommendations of your doctor and read the instruction leaflet in the packet where any side effects with other substances (medicine, food, etc.) are listed.

For further information, please contact the person who supplied you with this brochure or send us an e-mail to: [email protected]