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Supplementation with encapsulated vegetable and fruit juice powderconcentrate improves microcirculation and ultrastructure in skin.

Heinrich U. et al., Ann Nutr Metab 2011; 58: 55

Diese Studie wurde von Prof. Ulrike Heinrich am Institut für experimentelle Dermatologie der Universität Witten/Herdecke, durchgeführt. Das Ziel dieser randomisierten, doppelblinden, placebokontrollierten Studie war, die Veränderungen der Haut während der Einnahme von Juice Plus+ Obst- und Gemüseauslese über 12 Wochen zu bestimmen. Untersucht wurden Veränderungen bezüglich der Durchblutung der Haut, der Hautfeuchtigkeit und sowohl der Hautdichte als auch -dicke. Die Studie zeigt für die Juice Plus+ Gruppe eine Verbesserung der Hautdurchblutung, der Ultrastruktur (Hautdicke/-dichte), der Hautfeuchtigkeit sowie der Barrierefunktion.


The objective of the study was to determine changes in skin physiological parameters during the intake of vegetable and fruit juice powder concentrate (JPC) vs. placebo capsules. The detection of microcirculation, hydration, transepidermal water loss, ultrastructure, i.e. skin thickness and density were determined during the study. 

Microcirculation measurements were performed by the O2C device (Lea Instruments, Giessen, Germany), hydration measurements with the Corneometer CM 825 prior to and during the study. Transepidermal water loss was measured with the Tewameter (Courage & Khazaka Electronics, Cologne, Germany). Analyses of skin thickness and density were made by ultrasound measurements (Dermascan C, Cortex Technology).
52 female volunteers took part in the study, from 40 to 65 years in age, complying with all inclusion criteria. The study was performed as a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. 
All tests were performed prior to first intake of the described capsules and after 6 and 12 weeks. 
All test results were statistically analyzed. Descriptive statistics and pre-post differences were calculated and each combination was compared. Percentage changes and p-values were determined at all measuring points. The following results were obtained in this study:

  1. Significant improvement of microcirculation by 36 % (flow 1 mm depth) could be shown after 12 week supplementation with the JPC capsules.
  2. Significant improvement of the skin thickness by 6% and skin density by 17%, measured by ultrasound (B-Scan) was detected in the JPC group
  3. Significant increase of skin hydration by 9% as well as a decrease of TEWL by 4% by the treatment after 12 weeks could be shown. This constitutes an improvement of the barrier function of the skin.
Microcirculation and ultrastructure of the skin could be improved. Further skin physiological parameters like skin hydration, barrier function were positively influenced. The placebo group showed only minor or no positive effects.