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four week supplementation with mixed fruit and vegetable juice concentrates increased protective serum antioxidants and folate and decreased plasma homocysteine in japanese subjects

Kawashima A et al., Asia Pacific, Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2007, pp. 411-421

In dieser randomisierten und plazebokontrollierten asiatischen Doppelblindstudie wurde die Wirkung von Juice Plus+® Obst- und Gemüseauslese auf die Antioxidanzien- und Folsäurespiegel sowie auf die Plasma-Homocystein- Konzentrationen bei 60 gesunden japanischen Studienteilnehmern (durchschnittliches Alter 27.8 Jahre) untersucht. Nach nur 28-tägiger Supplementation konnte eine signifikante Erhöhung der Serumspiegel der protektiven Antioxidanzien sowie der Folsäurespiegel mit der gleichzeitigen Abnahme des Plasma-Homocysteins nachgewiesen werden. Darüber hinaus zeigte sich eine deutliche Senkung der Biomarker für oxidativen Stress (Lipidperoxide).

Akira Kawashima MD, PhD1, Takeo Madarame MD, PhD1, Hiroto Koike MD, PhD1, Yasuhiro Komatsu PhD2 and John A Wise PhD3

  1. Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan

  2. Sun Institute for Natural Medicines, Saitama, Japan

  3. Natural Alternatives International, Inc. San Marcos California, USA

Abstract (engl.)

Fruit and vegetable consumption has been inversely associated with the risk of chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease, with the beneficial effects attributed to a variety of protective antioxidants, carotenoids and phytonutrients. The objective of the present study was to determine the effect of supplementation with dehydrated concentrates from mixed fruit and vegetable juices (Juice Plus+®) on serum antioxidant and folate status, plasma homocysteine levels and markers for oxidative stress and DNA damage. Japanese subjects (n=60; age 27.8 yrs; BMI 22.1) were recruited to participate in a double-blind placebo controlled study and were randomized into 2 groups of 30, matched for sex, age, BMI and smoking status (39 males, 22 smokers; 21 females, 13 smokers). Subjects were given encapsulated supplements containing mixed fruit and vegetable juice concentrates or a matching placebo for 28 days, with blood and urine samples collected at baseline, day 14 and day 28 for analytical testing. Compared with the placebo, 28 day supplementation significantly increased the concentration of serum beta-carotene 528% (p<0.0001), lycopene 80.2% (p<0.0005), and alpha tocopherol 39.5% (p<0.0001). Serum folate increased 174.3% (p<0.0001) and correlated with a decrease in plasma homocysteine of -19.9% (p<0.03). Compared with baseline, measures of oxidative stress decreased with serum lipid peroxides declining -10.5% (p<0.02) and urine 8OHdG decreasing -21.1% (p<0.02). Evaluation of data from smokers only (n=17) after 28 days of active supplementation showed comparable changes.

Conclusion: In the absence of dietary modification, supplementation with the fruit and vegetable juice concentrate capsules proved to be a highly bioavailable source of phytonutrients. Important antioxidants were elevated to desirable levels associated with decreased risk of disease while markers of oxidative stress were reduced, and folate status improved with a concomitant decrease in homocysteine, and these benefits occurred to a similar extent in smokers when compared to non-smokers.