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One Simple Change

Most of us strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Finding the right place to start is a challenge. Eating right, exercising regularly, and still making time for family, friends and our own needs can seem like overwhelming goals. Instead of attempting to conquer our health all at once, what if you started by setting more manageable goals? Making small changes today can lead to great health benefits down the road.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to better health with One Simple Change.

One Simple Change Testimonials

Many people started their journey to a healthier lifestyle with One Simple Change already. Get inspired to start your journey. One Simple Change starts with you.

My One Simple Change Teaser

Here’s a teaser of our One Simple Change testimonials. Get inspired to start your journey! One Simple Change starts with you!


Discover Nastasja’s One Simple Change. Be inspired by the story of how she discovered an unexpected love of exercise.

Simon's story

Join Simon’s journey to a healthier lifestyle using his One Simple Change. From adding more Fruits and Vegetables to his daily nutrition to taking up yoga. No matter how busy your lifestyle is, there’s always time to look after your health. Join the conversation using the hashtag #OneSimpleChange on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Do you remember Simon? See for yourself whether One Simple Change is still part of his life.

Julia's story

See how Julia cycles her way towards One Simple Change by integrating exercise into her daily commute. It’s the little changes that go a long way. Join the conversation using the hashtag #OneSimpleChange on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Do you remember Julia? See for yourself whether One Simple Change is still part of her life.

Clara's story

Follow Clara’s One Simple Change and discover her story about staying hydrated and getting more active. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. It’s that simple! Join the conversation using the hashtag #OneSimpleChange on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Do you remember Clara? See for yourself whether One Simple Change is still part of her life.


Juice Plus+ is only the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. In the section below you will find additional simple change suggestions - provided by a variety of Health professionals – that will aid you in achieving a healthier lifestyle.


Why tackle a healthy diet all at once? Start by replacing empty calories with full-value options. A balanced nutrition includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. It won’t be long before you realise just how good “whole food” feels. Before you know it, your cravings will change from greasy burgers and fries to healthful nutrition!


Did you know that we don’t function at full capacity when we’re dehydrated? The Institute of Medicine recommends adults to have roughly 13 cups = 3L (men) / 9 cups = 2.2L (women) of water per day. There are many simple ways to make sure you and your family are drinking plenty of fluids each day. Remember, food provides about 20% of water intake as well and many fruits and vegetables are more than 90% in water by weight. Make an effort to monitor your fluid intake and you’ll be functioning better in no time.


Most people look at exercise as a means to burn energy and manage their weight. Instead, think of exercise as a great way to gain energy and stimulate your body and mind. With so many demands fighting for your attention every day, it may be a challenge to find time for an hour trip to the gym. So, start with simple activities you can incorporate into your daily routine. One Simple Change can make a big difference in how you look and feel.


When was the last time you felt you had great, quality sleep on a regular basis? Getting a good night’s sleep can greatly impact your outlook on life and, in turn, your health and wellness. Simple changes, such as getting a good night’s sleep or taking time for a relaxing hobby, are easy ways to help manage stress and improve your well-being in the long-term.

Are you ready to make One Simple Change and learn more about Juice Plus+? Read our product reviews and see what role Juice Plus+ played in creating a healthier lifestyle for these Juice Plus+ Heroes.



For around 25 years, Juice Plus+ Capsules have been the One Simple Change that has jump-started thousands of people to change their life. Juice Plus+ Vegetable, Fruit, and Berry Blend Capsules and Chewables continue to help bridge the gap between what we do eat each day, and what we should eat. But don’t take our word for it: see the results of adding Juice Plus+ to your diet at Childrens Health Study.

In addition to complementing your diet with Juice Plus+ Capsules, our tasty and versatile Juice Plus+ Complete products range provide another nutritious and cost-effective way to enhance your eating habits. Make One Simple Change to replace empty calories, from fast food and processed food, with a well-balanced alternative. And become one step closer to reaching your healthy eating goals.