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Healthier Ways To Enjoy Chocolate

With Easter just around the corner and the supermarket aisles filling up with chocolate eggs and other festive goodies, you may feel overwhelmed and sick and tired of chocolate already.

Chocolate should have it’s own food group in my opinion and is great as part of a balanced diet. However, if you’re trying to resist all temptation there are some great ways that you can get your chocolate fix and hopefully avoid a sugar coma.


Try Out Raw Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs are chocolate in one of its purest forms because they have undergone the least processing.  They have a bitter flavour, which means that you need to have less of them to get that rich chocolaty flavour. In addition, they’re packed full of antioxidants, which are great for your body too.


Don’t Let The Whole Bar Keep You Company

A lot of the time the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy works well with food.   Rather than taking the entire bar of chocolate with you as you go on a Netflix binge, take a couple of squares instead to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Because you’ve left the rest of the bar in the cupboard or fridge you may be less tempted to eat the entire bar.


Add Unsweetened Cocoa Powder To Your Smoothie

If you’re just looking to get that taste of chocolate without eating a whole chocolate bar, adding unsweetened cocoa powder to your smoothie as a treat is a lovely way to change them up. Try making a peanut butter cup smoothie by mixing peanut butter; banana, cocoa powder and your choice of milk for a not so indulgent afternoon pick me up.


Serve Your Chocolate With Fruit

Try serving some squares of chocolate with a sliced apple or berries to help stop you eating the entire chocolate bar, which can be so easily done.


Create Your Own Healthier Chocolate Truffle Snacks

Sometimes nothing is better than homemade, it’s cost effective and you’re in control of the sugar content.  Blending together dates, oats, cashew nuts and cocoa powder make wonderful chocolaty truffles that make a tasty and healthy snack.


Look at the Numbers

You will often see percentages on the front of chocolate packaging and these are related to the amount of cacao that the bars contain.  Research suggests that the health benefits of chocolate are prevalent in dark chocolate that is made from at least 70% cacao.



What are your favourite healthier ways to enjoy chocolate?