Making Fitness Fun!

Healthy Family

A healthy lifestyle is an active lifestyle. Whether you exercise for a few minutes longer every day or set yourself new fitness goals, the important thing is to motivate your family to be more active so that everyone stays healthy.

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    Kids and teenagers should get at least 1 hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

  • To help to build muscle and strong bones they should do strengthening activities, such as climbing, jumping or running at least three days per week.

  • Less than 25% of American children get the recommended hour of exercise per day.

We all know fueling an active lifestyle with healthy foods is essential!

Teaching your children to make nutritious food and drink choices to support their physical activity is key to their long term fitness and health.

Here’s how you can get your family more active:

  1. Lead by example:
    We must lead by example if we want our children to embrace an active lifestyle. You need to showcase these behaviors yourself! After all, a healthy and active body provides so many more benefits than just physical ones; we see benefits in mental health and in social interaction skills such as teamwork and leadership, too!
  2. Change your mindset:
    It helps so much to model the behavior we’d like to see in our children. Kids who regularly see their parents having fun with a sport or physical activity are more like to want to get active too. So, make sure you are making time to be active as a family! The more your kids enjoy doing something, the more they’ll want to keep doing it. Trying doing activities together such as kicking a ball around, trying rock-climbing, playing volleyball or basketball, going on a bike ride, or simply playing catch!
  3. Scale activity to your children’s needs:
    Help them by making sure the activity is appropriate for your child’s age and physical abilities so that it’s fun for them, yet challenging enough that they get to experience a sense of accomplishment as well. When in doubt, make it FUN first, and as long as everyone’s safe, forget about the rules.
  4. Plan ahead:
    Don’t let the season determine how active your kids are. With a little forward planning they can always be getting a little sweat on. Kids do well with routine and knowing that on certain days of the week, or weekends of the month, they or you as a family are going to be doing something.
  5. Variety is the spice of life:
    We are all different and so are our likes, passions and preferences! Encourage kids and teenagers to try different sports or activities so they can find one or more that they really enjoy and want to continue with.
  6. Encourage after school activities:
    Sometimes walking home from a long day of school can be enough after-school physical activity for our kids. But if you don’t live within walking distance of the school, or it’s appropriate for your kids to do more, here’s a list of after-school activities that will keep them physically active: Dance classes, swim training, team sports, gymnastics and martial arts.
  7. Keep a positive attitude:
    If kids hear you constantly talking about how you hate working out or don't want to do it, they will not want to either...positive attitude, positive results!

One Simple Change

Lead by Example

It’s easy to think “Do as I say, not as I do,” but we can’t expect our kids to be active when they see us glued to a device, or struggling to get out from under the TV.
If we want our kids to be more energetic and physically active, we need to go device-free too, until a designated time and place.

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