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Silver Linings That Will Make You Smile

While the last few months have been hard, unlike any other in recent history, we want to recognise that the lockdown has also given us the possibility to notice and appreciate things that would have previously passed us by.

There's a calm, stillness, and peace to be found in this time if we use it to be present and appreciate the beauty of a slower way of life.

Instead of focusing on the negative and what we cannot do, here at Juice Plus+ we want to share some of our "wins." 

  • Can you really compare a 10am coffee on your terrace to an 8am coffee in a dark office?
  • New baking skills. YUM! 
  • Board games played in the evenings with family
  • Movies watched snuggled together
  • Teenagers who aren't usually at home, spending more time hanging out, brothers, and sisters – getting to know each other in a way that's just different to "before"
  • Time to take care of plants other than just succulents – those that need a little more TLC, or the delight in planting seeds and having the time to notice them sprout and grow on the daily 
  • The view you may not have noticed before
  • Learning which birds live locally in town and are back for spring
  • Getting to know the neighbours by their first name / leaving presents on the doorstep for each other / Setting up a movie in the driveway or back yard and treating the other, at a respectable distance, of course
  • Learning new technologies that bring us closer to friends and family like Zoom or Teams
  • The delight of rediscovering old t-shirts to wear each day to the home office
  • Not having to wash your hair as often as you would have done BC
  • Gazing up more often into what feels like a brighter, clearer sky, and simply feeling grateful 
  • Instead of heading to the office, heading out for a daily walk to a riverbank, the edge of a lake, or around a park. Discovering new and beautiful places you've never taken the time to get to know before – the infinite pattern and incredible details that nature provides us for free!
  • Time for longer, more intimate conversations
  • Starting or rekindling of hobbies such baking from scratch (e.g., making our own "starter" for sourdough bread, or syrup from flowers picked in nearby woods); learning a new language, on a platform like Duolingo; or the guitar on Fender.
  • Savouring daily workouts/yoga/Pilates in the comfort of our own home/garden/balcony 
  • Time to journal; or sleep in a little longer than usual, and the simple but deep satisfaction these things bring to the soul
  • A newfound appreciation for real downtime and SPACE to breathe

 We'd love to know! Please add it to the comments below so we can grow our list of "wins" and benefit together.