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Movement in Your Body, Creates Movement In Your Life


Want to feel an instant shift in the way you feel? The quickest way by far is to get moving because movement in your body creates movement in your life!

This article is all about an easy sweet solution to feeling:

If you're like me, living in the northern hemisphere during our winter can feel tough on the body, mind, and spirit. The cold and the dark at this time of year can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.

But what if we flip this momentary dip in low-level energy around, and choose to see it as our soul craving to have a little fire lit under it!



When you start to move, whether it's through walking, yoga, spinning, dancing, weighting weights, or whatever it may be, you begin to move the energy of your body.

We know, scientifically speaking, that getting your heart rate up, even just a little, produces a wonderful amount of endorphins. And this turns on the feel-good hormones and messages in our brain.

There's also something powerful about anything that has a repetitive type of movement to it that allows something else to kick in.

Like the idea of taking a shower, standing there feeling the water run over you, it allows you to stop thinking about negative stuff and puts you in the flow of the movement instead.

As an expert on this topic, Erin Stutland says, "When we're moving, we change the molecules in our body. We change our energy and start to see things differently. Our perspective changes, and when your perspective changes, you start to have new ideas for actions you can take to create movement in your life".



While taking the time to be reflective and "think" is essential. It's often only possible after physical movement has opened the mental gateway first. 

When we're moving, we change the chemical balance in our bodies. The flow of energy within us shifts in such a way that it allows us to start seeing things differently.

Our perspective changes, and when your perspective changes, you start to have new ideas for actions you can take to create movement in your life.

Here's a little something else I've learned from Erin:

The next time your energy is feeling stuck, try something a little outside the traditional fitness box.

Start using positive statements or affirmations paired with a repetitive type of movement to the beat of your favourite tunes!

Here are some examples of what to say out loud (or loudly in your head ;-)) while moving your body to any repetitive movement, such as squats, lunges or crunches:

  • I am worth it,
  • I deserve it,
  • Life supports me.
  • I am tuned in
  • I step into the flow.
  • I have all that I need
  • And the rest I let go.
  • It's my time
  • Today is my day.
  • I will feel the fear
  • And I will do it anyway.

Serotonin, dopamine, and more—they are potent.

They lift your spirits.  

Pair them with some repetitive dance moves, and you got yourself an unbeatable way to get yourself out of an energetic funk, ready to take some inspired action and create more allowing in your life!

You can check out more of Erin's work HERE.


Here's a tip, no matter the type of movement:


If you want to get motivated and feel good, action HAS to come first. Taking action is what allows motivation and inspiration to exist.

So get going even when it doesn't feel like the right time.

I get into my workout gear and tell myself to get stuck into something for 1 round or 3 minutes, depending on what it is.

And if I'm not feeling it after that first round or 3 minutes, then I allow myself to do something else.

Those 3 minutes is all it takes for the feel-good vibes of movement to kick in, shift whatever funky state I was in, and want to keep going.

Not what happened yesterday and not what may or may not happen tomorrow. So focus on the choices you make today.

Instead of doing a weekly workout plan, can you put on your workout gear and do something for 1 round or 3 minutes?

Then tomorrow, do it again.

Taking the smallest of steps helps you reaffirm your commitment to yourself and that, my friends, is what makes you happy, builds your confidence, and creates momentum.

I no longer berate or push myself when I don't feel like "working out."

Instead, I go inward and listen to what my soul is craving at that particular moment and give it at least 3 minutes. And some days a few slow hip circles is all I need to get me moving.