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How To Wean Yourself Off Your Phone

Do you find that you’re consistently glued to your phone?  And, when you’re not on your phone, you’re checking your social media feeds on your computer or on your tablet too.  When all these social platforms hit the scenes, I don’t think that anyone imagined the massive impact that they would have on our social and home lives.

It’s so easy to scroll aimlessly for hours across them all and they’re highly addictive.  If you’re feeling conscious about the amount of time that you’re spending on social media, these top tips will help you wean yourself off your phone.


Use Social Media as a Reward

A lot of the time we are checking our social media feeds as a distraction technique to shift our attention from the tasks that we should be focusing on. Instead, treat checking your social media as a reward after you have completed your tasks.


Have a Social Media Detox

Take a weekend where you don’t check your social media at all.  It will help you feel more in control in checking your social media and you will hopefully feel less inclined to check it every 10 minutes.



Turn Off Your Notifications

Do your fingers itch when you receive a social media notification?  You can’t wait to click on the apps on your phone once you hear your phone buzz?  Try turning all the notifications off to help you stay focused on what you’re doing to stop you feeling distracted.


Keep Your Phone in Another Room Overnight

Being strict about keeping your phone in the bedroom will stop you being over stimulated before bed and will result in a more restful night’s sleep.


Put Time Restraints on Your Social Media Usage

Limiting the amount of time on social media will hopefully prevent you from checking it just for the sake of it.  You could even implement a social media schedule so that you are only allowed to check it at certain times in the day.


Do you feel overwhelmed by social media?  How much time do you spend checking your social feeds?