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Winter Warming Packed Lunch Boxes

What have you got packed in your lunch box today? A sandwich or wrap perhaps, a packet of crisps and maybe some fruit.  These kind of things are great, however when the weather turns cold, you may be craving something warmer in your lunch box to take off the chill. 

A warming lunch is super comforting and if you have a microwave available in your work place these ideas might be just what you’re looking for to inject the warmth back into lunchtime.

Winter soup with sweet potatoes and carrot

Homemade Soup

A soup can be warm and comforting and there are so many different varieties and flavour combinations, there is definitely something to suit all tastes.   To cut down costs, you can try to make your own with a mix of simple flavourings and vegetables.   They’re great for storing in the freezer for quick lunches and even dinner too.



Hearty Pasta Dishes

Pasta can be simple to make for dinner the night before and the leftovers (which often taste better the next day) are perfect to pack in your lunch box for work.


Hot Chili Con Carne - Mexican Food Tasty And Spicy

Slow Cooked Chilli Con Carne 

If you have a slow cooker, now is the perfect time to dust it off and use it.  You can put something in like a chilli con carne in the morning and allow it to cook while you’re at work.  Not only do you have dinner ready, but like above the leftovers can be used for lunch the next day.



Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Baked sweet potatoes hold more nutritional value than regular potatoes due to their lower starch content.  This is such a basic lunch idea, however it’s a classic and very tasty depending on what toppings you go with.



Warm Roasted Vegetable & Grain Salad 

Salads aren’t just for summer and they don’t have to be eaten cold either. Roast some winter squash, courgettes, aubergine and peppers in the oven with some spices and serve them warm with some cooked quinoa and lentils topped with feta cheese and hummus.