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How to balance your lifestyle, whilst boosting your immune system

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time to get sick. I’m a single mom… I have my own business. When I’m not working, I’m not getting paid. It’s that simple.

With children going to school and daycare, they bring home all kinds of bacteria and viral junk. Let’s face it… children are nose picking, slobbering cuties that touch EVERYTHING and always put their hands in their mouth.

It’s Time to Boost Your Immune System Momma!

I know there’s other things that we’d like to focus on like a flat belly or buns of steel, but when it comes down to it… a healthy functioning immune system is a super goal that pays back in millions.

When you are healthy…

  • you are in a good mood (no more emotional outbursts)
  • you can do everything on your to do list (almost)
  • you can cook, clean, work, have fun… whoops… did I say fun?

First… let’s get it straight about what helps and hurts us in the area of our immune system.

Things for a Rocking
Immune System

Things that Suck the Life Out
of Immune System

Adequate Sleep
Positive Mindset
Fruits & Vegetables
Regular Exercise
Excess Alcohol
Unbalanced diet


Now… rockin it out with a positive lifestyle!

Thinking about cutting out foods and drinks that we love can be a real bummer. So my strategy as a coach is to focus on the positive. Be aware of what drags you down of course, but choose one or two things from “rockin” list to ADD IN to your lifestyle. Building a healthy habit has a better ring to it then taking something away.

My first focus was on getting 8 hours of sleep. My tips:

  1. Set an alarm to go to bed.
  2. Create a lovely bedtime ritual (wash up, lavender lotion/oils, think of the best thing that happened in my day… and a few deep breathes.)
  3. Try a sleep tracker device to see how much you really are sleep. Out of 8 hours in bed, I was only sleeping 5. (I love the Leaf or Jawbone Up devices.)
  4. Do this religiously for at least two weeks to lock it in and feel the benefits.

My second focus was to eat more fruits/vegetables. My tips:

  1. Give yourself a POSITIVE goal that motivates!
    Losing weight is a yucky goal for anyone, but it’s a different story if you say “I won’t get sick anymore if I eat more fruit and vegetables!”
  2. Easy meaningful goals and their real life applications


Real Life

Eat 2 fruits a day
(With vitamin C focus)
  • Kiwi with yogurt or morning coffee
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon into water
  • Strawberries as a snack with piece of dark chocolate
  • Orange slices
  • Guava juice shot!
Eat 3 vegetables a day
(With vitamin C focus)
  • Add rucola to my sandwich
  • 2-3 pieces of frozen broccoli as a side for dinner
  • Lots of red pepper and jalapeños on a pizza
  • Side salad with every meal
  • Spinach smoothie (with banana/milk)
  • Add a small bits of kale to a warming chicken soup

When you give your body what it needs, it can fight off bugs and the yucky things that much better. And by the way… keeping a healthy body will keep your energy levels up and allow you to do more (like your Buns of Steel DVD.)

It’s a win win. Now… how to bridge the gap?!

Boost Your Immune System with Fruits and Vegetables

So… can Juice PLUS+ really help in this endeavor?

For sure! Multiple studies have been done to see what the effects are regarding the immune system and nutrients contained within Juice PLUS+. As you can imagine… it’s proven that fruits and vegetables provide all the “right stuff” to considerably bolster the immune system.

And of course, you know what I love about Juice PLUS+… the fact that it is real whole foods concentrated into an easy to take capsule. This can help to bridge the gap when you’re not able to get in as many fruits and veg as you’d like to.