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Be Healthy and Frisky this Winter!


We romanticise when thinking about autumn… the changing leaves, the pumpkins and the adorable boots we can’t wait to wear. In this fairytale world we forget the runny noses and hours without sunlight.

1. This is going to sound funny… keep yourself “oiled up.”

Being indoors with the heating on tends to dry nasal and ear passages creating irritation and opening up the doors to germs. Ask your pharmacist for ear oil drops or...

·   Tip: Use a little olive oil to rub in your nose or drop into your ears.


2. Stay well hydrated… duh!

When you are well hydrated the body works as it should to support the elimination process (note: a large part of our immune system is in our gut ;-) My favorite is warm lemon water in the morning and herbal mint teas while at work.

·   Tip: If you feel a slight scratchy throat… bust out the ginger tea and sip slowly throughout the day.


3. Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is the time where our bodies clean and repair itself. If you picked up a bug during the day and then allow your body to rest, there’s a good chance that you can actually beat that bug. If you are run down… then you are run down my friend and are open to all sorts of buggies.

·   Tip: Set an alarm to go to bed and resting means without your phone/iPad


4. Get moving and get outdoors!

Get into a park, forest or just simply in the fresh air. Taking a brisk walk outdoors gets your blood flowing and acts an internal massage for your body. It helps to flush out toxins and there’s the added bonus of getting a dose of sunshine.

·         Tip: The sun’s gorgeous rays will keep you from feeling the winter blues.


5. Insanely Wash Your Hands

Unfortunately people still go to work when they have a cold or flu. It’s rumored that it takes 4 hours until the entire office including coffee machine is covered with germs.

·   Tip: Skip the hand sanitizer and use plain old soap and water.


6. Get in all your nutrition… the A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, E’s, Zincs, etc.

When you body gets confronted with a flu or cold it will use up your vitamin and mineral stores to battle it out. So if you don’t have all your vitamins built up you will most likely get sick.

·   Tip: The best way is to constantly eat your fruits and veg, but it doesn’t hurt to supplement as well if you’re not so good at getting in your 5 a day.


7. Support Your Gut

The latest in nutrition is all about probiotics and supporting a healthy gut flora. These are the good bacteria in your digestive system that helps to absorb nutrition and to protect you from illnesses.

·   Tip: Try probiotic yogurts or talk with your doctor or pharmacist about which probiotic supplement could be right for you.


AND THE BONUS TIP – get in a lot of hugs from your honey, friends and kids if you got’em (or hug someone else’s kids if they don’t mind.)

Human touch is also food ;-) If you’re not living close to anyone… try massage, because that works too.