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Luke Rennie


My name is Luke Rennie and I have recently moved to Zurich from Australia.

I am a passionate Personal Trainer and fitness coach that aims to constantly progress clients through various levels of fitness with interesting and exciting fitness programs.

Personally, I grew up surfing and I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu most days here in Zurich to continuously push myself on my own personal fitness journey. Fitness is a lifestyle that needs to be committed to and lived to gain the most benefits - I simply help people go in the right direction to be healthier and happier.

Movement, posture and breathing are things we all do every day without thinking - but do we do these things efficiently and in order to sustain our health throughout our lives?

My lifestyle revolves around various creative, functional exercise and movement patterns  which are adapted to create sustainable healthy lifestyles for my clients.  

Move well with ease, maintain a healthy neutral posture and breathe easily according to your movement - This is what I believe helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Facebook: Luke Rennie – Your fitness. My insight.

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