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Juice PLUS+ Experience

Our Juice PLUS+ Heroes

Juice PLUS+ is perfect for people, who want to exceed their goals. For those who want to try something new and expand their boundaries. So it’s not surprising to find Juice Plus+ customers include personalities who have achieved great things in their field. These people have gathered completely different experiences and want to share their stories of personal fulfilment with us.

Ambassador Kathie Fielding

Björn Dunkerbeck

The Danish Björn Dunkerbeck is one of the most successful athletes ever. He won all you can win when it comes to surfing – most of it several times. Not only slalom, course racing, racing are some of the disciplines he was successful in but he also won the “over all” discipline 12 years in a row. These are only a few of the total 41 World Champion titles he can be proud to call his own. He is a passionate about Juice PLUS+ and still has big dreams: to exceed his own speed record. We are going to experience this challenge very close to him – Björn Dunkerbeck and Juice PLUS+ Speed Record 2015!

Dave O’Brien

At 56, Dave O’Brien is the oldest participant to have successfully mastered the “4Desert” race within the space of just one year. This 1000 km run through four deserts pushes the runners to their physical and mental limits.

“The older you get, the more people think that the body loses its vitality and energy. However, since I started taking Juice PLUS+ 16 years ago, my energy and vitality levels have increased enormously.”


Ambassador Barbara Schett

Barbara Schett

This former tennis player, who was listed in the world rankings, is a career woman, athlete, and mother. Babsi knows what she wants – to be one step ahead and enjoy life.

“Sport is definitely the key to more energy and vitality.  I do sports almost every day. The best time is in the morning. So I can start the day full of energy. I also make sure I have a fresh and balanced diet. And that I drink plenty of water. However, what I can’t do without is: time with my family and the view of my beloved Tyrolean mountains. This gives me the strength I need.”

Ambassador Dr. Matthias Baumann

Dr. Matthias Baumann

As a surgeon, Dr. Matthias Baumann deals with challenges on a daily basis. He seeks further challenges in his free time. Whether climbing Mount Everest, the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii, or other extreme sports, he pushes his limits. Always in his luggage: Juice PLUS+!

“I’ve been doing competitive sports since childhood and have always made sure I eat healthily. With Juice PLUS+ I get that extra daily portion of energy and vitality. Juice PLUS+ is worth its weight in gold, particularly on expeditions where fresh fruit or vegetables are not available.”


Ambassador Kathie Fielding

Katie Ravey

is not just one of our most successful franchise partners – she was able to realise her dream with Juice PLUS+: A life without compromise. Her Limited company ‘The Skinny Rules’ has made her a successful trainer and helped her inspire many other people to live a better, healthier life. #theskinnyrules

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do – Juice PLUS+ gives you lifelong support. Healthy nutrition is my mantra– Juice PLUS+ my personal solution.”